Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sounds like he might be ready for some prostrations.

NPR had this story about a kid from Brown who spent an undercover semester at Liberty. Interesting. Especially this:

They may have done a better job than they thought. Even though he's back at Brown, Roose still tries to pray every day. He says the act of prayer changes him, referring to the writings of Christian author Oswald Chambers.

"He said that it's not so much that prayer changes things as that prayer changes me — and then I change things," Roose says. "That's going to be important for me — to sit down every day and think about the problems and the challenges facing other people in my life, and really trying to increase my own compassion that way.

Of course, we Orthodox also believe saints join in our prayers with us, angels deliver our prayers to God, and God answers our prayers.

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