Thursday, February 12, 2009

Say it in English, Please.

I remember when I was a youth hearing a certain television news present pronounce Nicaragua as Neee-ka-log-oo-wa. I thought he was pretty dumb. Now I hear Burma called Mayanmar. And I have to wonder why? Sure the military oligarchs changed the name, but why whould we care? The English name for the country is Burma. And I hear people on the radio calling Peking by a strange name, too. They call it Bay-zhing. Why? And why is Bombay now being called Mumbai? The English words are Nicaragua, Burma, Peking, and Bombay. They don't call Norway Norge. They don't call Rome Roma. They don't call Austria Ostereich. They don't call Germany Deutschland. What is going on? How are the media people deciding which places get to keep there English names and which are going to be called by non-English names? As for me, I think I'll stick with English when talking to English speakers.

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