Saturday, February 18, 2017

Evening Prayers, Alcoholism, and Ski Week

"Alcohol Kills"
I've had breathing problems for a while now.  I've been to see the doctor about them a few times but they aren't able to cure me.  In fact, every time I see the doctor I am given a different diagnosis.  Most recently (since December) I have been coughing and lose my breath if I have to walk more than 30 yards.  I mention all that for this reason.  Last night my son Anselm Samuel (who used to be known as The Little Boy on this blog) had to say the evening prayers because my voice is gone from coughing so much.  Yes, teaching is difficult in this condition.

I've had to accept the fat that in the three years since my divorce I have become an alcoholic.  It got really bad when I was living in my truck and drinking to unconsciousness every night.  I tried to quit cold turkey a while ago but it was very painful.  Cramps and shaking started on the second day and  I had to have a drink.  What I've been trying to do since then is drink a little less each week.  I am down to 4 hard liquor drinks or a bottle of wine each day.  It is not easy.  I told my doctor about it on my last visit and I wish I hadn't.  I want this cough cured and all she wants to talk about is rehab.

Today is Saturday.  On Tuesday my boys and I are going to Strawberry for two nights.  It is the week called Ski Week, when all the schools in San jose close.  We are planning on sledding, snow shoe
Strawberry Lodge
hiking through the forest, and ice skating.  The reports are 10 feet of snow on the ground and more snow is forecasted to fall the whole time we'll be there.   We've been up there before.  I think two winters ago was the last time, but it was a drought year and snow was scarce.  This year is different.  It has been one of the wettest winters in California history.  Today I am going to teach the boys how to "chain up" for driving in snow.

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GretchenJoanna said...

Oh, Matt! My prayers are with you.