Saturday, November 09, 2013

Jobs, children and scouting.

Since the 23rd of October I've had a job. It isn't very good.  It isn't the fast food job I mentioned in my last post but it is about the same as far as earnings and social strata are concerned.  I am a door-to-door canvasser for a solar energy company. It pays  only about 1/3 of what I need to live in the Bay Area but it is something. I am living with my sister until after Thanksgiving.  Then I'll go back to my friend Jeff's house for a couple of weeks.

I have to work on Saturdays, which is the day I had been spending with my boys. That really makes me sad.  But last Wednesday I had off from work so I picked the boys up from school.  At 2:30 I got Basil and we played chess at Peet's Coffee on Lincoln Ave until Anselm was finished with his robotics class at 5.  Then I got Anselm and we worked on the physical fitness requirement for Tenderfoot rank.  He doesn't seem very interested in progressing through the ranks to Eagle Scout, and his Troop is pretty laid back.  He loves the meetings and the games they play, and he likes the camping but very little of that is designed to help him advance to Eagle Scout.  I am worried he might not earn Eagle.  I need to find a way to work on rank advancement with him.   

I have a really good job prospect.  It is with a small liberal arts college.  They are flying me to meet with them in December.  I hope I get the job.

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Steve Robinson said...

I was a Scout for 7 years and never made Eagle, but loved Scouting. A good Scoutmaster is a blessing to a young man. I hope your job prospect works out. I'm interviewing for a new one now that might be a raise and take me to retirement in 3 years with all my debts paid off if the salary range is what I hope it is. Keep us posted!