Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Something I Wish the Orthodox Had: A Call to Artists

Every month the leaders of my Cub Scout Pack meet in the science cassroom of a Roman Catholic school. On the wall is a poster of their liturgical calendar.  I look at it with envy every month.  I wish such a thing existed for Orthodox kids, so they could see how the year fits together.   Our calendar poster would be much more detailed, with weekly tones, fasts & feasts, etc.

The other thing I wish we had was a books of the Bible poster like the Protestants had when I was a boy.  It was a simple thing.  It showed two book cases, one the left was the OT, on the right was the NT.  Shelves on the left were labeled "Law", "History", "Poetry", "Major Prophets", & "Minor Prophets".  The shelves on the Right were labeled "Gospels", "History", "Epistles", and "Prophecy".  The poster showed each book of the Protestant Bible as a book on one of these shelves.

I don't think I am up to making a poster of the Calendar but I might try the poster of the books of the Orthodox Holy Scriptures.  I don't think it would be too hard.  And, I think, there is a need for this kind of stuff.  It helps kids learn who they are and what is important.


Mimi said...

Oooh, that is very nifty indeed! I would love to see one in Orthodoxy as well.

GretchenJoanna said...

Yes, yes, go for it! I loved that bookcase chart and used it with all my kids. With a little help from some clergy, I bet you could do some kind of church calendar would have to be a little different each year, but some computer program could help with that, too, couldn't it?
I bet there are a lot of adult converts who would benefit greatly by this visual aid. As it is I am swimming in this wide ocean without knowing the currents very well.

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