Thursday, July 14, 2011

They Lie and People Believe Them

Have you heard about how George W. Bush squandered the Clinton budget surplus?  I heard it again today and am shocked people still believe this fabrication.  Starting with FY 1993, the last G.H.W. Bush budget here are all the totals for the National Debt and the yearly Budget Deficit.  If any year had been in surplus the National Debt for that year would have been smaller the the National Debt at the end of the previous year.  But that was never the case.  Here are the facts:

National DebtDeficit
FY199309/30/1993$4.411488 trillion
FY199409/30/1994$4.692749 trillion$281.26 billion
FY199509/29/1995$4.973982 trillion$281.23 billion
FY199609/30/1996$5.224810 trillion$250.83 billion
FY199709/30/1997$5.413146 trillion$188.34 billion
FY199809/30/1998$5.526193 trillion$113.05 billion
FY199909/30/1999$5.656270 trillion$130.08 billion
FY200009/29/2000$5.674178 trillion$17.91 billion
FY200109/28/2001$5.807463 trillion$133.29 billion

So you see?  Even in his best budget year Wm. J. Clinton, working with the brilliant lights in the U.S. Congress, still added $17.91 billion to the U.S.'s National Debt.

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