Friday, June 10, 2011

Sadness Continues

One of the problems of our age, which I think should be called "The Media Age", is that we are aware of so much sadness and suffering.  In the past, there was a lot more death. Most most children did not live to see their first birthday.  But sadness was, for the most part, local.  We didn't hear about a tribe sliding off an ice shelf.  We didn't hear about a village being burried by a mudslide.  We didn't hear about a misbehaving bishop.  We didn't hear about every cocaine addled musician.  We didn't hear about every sex-addicted politician. Today we do.

A couple of years ago I mentioned Sly and the Family Stone breaking up dut to the effects of drug abuse.  Sly is still at it.  Still filling his body with those horrible chemicals.  Still suffering.  Still hurting himshelf and others.  And the sadness just seems to spread.

Maybe, all of this bad news could cause Christians to pray more.  If so, then maybe what I now think of as the "Media Age" could become known as the "Prayer Age".

Lord, have mercy.

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