Sunday, December 05, 2010


We were up so late last night that we didn't get the boys up for church today. It would have been waaay too difficult managing them in the service.  So, Athanasia stayed home with the boys and I went to the Divine Liturgy.   I delivered Christmas wreaths to people at church who ordred them.  (Hopefully, tomorrow we'll deliver the last of the wreaths.)

After the Liturgy the parish had a fund-raising lunch for Our Lady of Kazan Skete in Santa Rosa. I was surprised by the amount of money raised.  It was such a huge amount that a couple of women started dancing in the hall.  Much happiness for Mother Susanna and the sisters at the skete.

During the dinner Matushka sat next to me and we talked about many things.  I had heard she makes excellent mincemeat so I asked her for the recipe.  She explained that there isn't enough time between now and Nativity to age the mincemeat so SHE GAVE ME A QUART JAR OF MICEMEAT she made a few months ago!  There is an inch of beef tallow at the top of the jar. I've never had real meat-containing mincemeat before. I can hardly wait to taste it.

After I got home from church we concentrated on cleaning the house in anticipation of Nativity.  Also, Anselm worked on part of his Cub Scout stuff.  He had to plan, shop for, and cook a meal.  He made sushi, shrimp cocktail, fillets of cod, asparagus, and baked french fries.  (Can you tell it's a fish day?) I was very impressed.  He had no help other than his mother keeping him on schedule.

After the table was cleared we chanted the Vigil  for the Feast of St. Nicholas.  It was just a readers service since we aren't priests but it was good.  Anselm Samuel read the Trisagion prayers, Athanasia read the Bible readings, Basil Wenceslas was responsible for all the instances of Glory to..., Both now and ever..., and Lord have mercy.  I read the rest.  Then we played music on our recorders and sang some songs, followed by my reading to them this night's installment of "The Advent Story Book".  Then the boys put their shoes by the front door, spread out their sleeping bags to wait for St. Nicholas, and I put "A Christmas Story" on the computer for them to watch.  They made it to the end of the movie but have been asleep for about 1/2 an hour.

Well, I have to wake up in 5 hours and catch a train.  I better put candy in those shoes and go to bed. Good night.


GretchenJoanna said...

It's a joy to hear about the fundraiser for the skete. Do you ever go there yourself? Maybe I will see you sometime.

Matt said...

I've never been. What do you do there?

GretchenJoanna said...

I've helped with workdays, gardening. But mostly I like to attend liturgy, especially when Fr. Lawrence Russell serves.