Friday, November 05, 2010

Cooking and Canning

I am off to the market to buy the ingredients I for the things I am making tomorrow.

I am, if God wills, going to make "Pumpkin Stuffed With Everything Good" from a recipe I heard I NPR.  I shall also be canning jalapeƱos and pickled cauliflour.  I als have a whole lot of beets.  But I'm not going to can them. Instead I'll make them into a warm beet and feta salad.  Also, I plan on making the mustard (see below) I've been talking about. Have to go buy the ingredients for that, too.

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ICXC painter said...

Made as stuffed pumpkin last Friday and it was really excellent. The hardest part was getting a lid on the pumpkin...had to use a saw. Great stuff. Like to try on a non fasting day to add some sausage or bacon.