Friday, February 12, 2010

Stocks worth considering

My investing goal is to be able to take care of my wife when we are too old to work. Mostly, I look for companies with little debt, a history of paying dividends, strong brands. I also like to understand the business; who customers are, what the products are, sales cycle, etc. Below are the stocks I currently hold.





MGIC and AAV are gambles. They do not fit into my regular strategy. But it is worth noting that they are foreign companies. I own them, in part, as a hedge against devaluation of the American dollar. Also, together, AAV and MGIC represent less than 20% my stock holdings. As I said, they are gambles. So far they are winning. But it bothers me that I don't know why. I probably will sell them in the next few months and and put my "winnings" into something I am more comfortable with.

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